Junction Gate

Survival Is Only The Beginning

Stranded alone on Junction Gate, you must find a way to survive before your limited resources run out. The unfinished space station might be able to save you, but it also harbors a dangerous secret that caused the destruction of Earth over 200 years ago and could once again tear humanity apart.

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Junction Gate Gameplayer Trailer
What Is Junction Gate?

Junction Gate is a sci-fi 4X/RPG strategy game. Its features include resource management, crafting, trade, a fully-simulated economy with a stock market, diplomacy, missions, exploration, combat, and more.

Under Development

The alpha version is currently playable online. The much-enhanced beta version (shown in the video) is being developed and tested with a private group of testers.


Procedural Generation

Every game is unique and procedurally generated from a game seed that you can play again or share with your friends.


Explore a full technology tree to upgrade your facilities, unlock weapons, and research new ship prototypes.

Exploration & Combat

Build ships and explore dozens of systems as you mine resources, discover new factions, and fight for survival.

Dynamic Economy

Start your own company, buy and sell stocks, take over corporations, and bankrupt competitors.

Resource Management

Race against time to produce resources and build out station facilities to keep up with the demands of your growing population.


Craft special components from base resources to upgrade your facilities, outfit your ships, and sell on the open market.