Commonwealth History: A Call For Lore Suggestions

The United Commonwealth is the official government of mankind, spread out over a number of sectors, each containing several systems. Founded in 2348, a full 50 years after the Burning, the Commonwealth formalized cooperation and a full detente between its eight founding factions.

The years leading up the Commonwealth were focused on survival as humanity labored to establish self-sufficient colonies away from the burned husk of Earth and the failed recovery at Mars. The struggle for survival didn't prevent the skirmishes and wars fought between the nascent factions over resources, technology, and political ideals; in fact, it accelerated them.

A first attempt at peace occured 2336 at the Santiago colony in the Bayamo System. The widely publicized talks seemed on the verge of a breakthrough when tragedy struck. Now known as the Santiago Genocide, the colony was utterly destroyed when a ship captain dropped out of wave travel in orbit just above Santiago to prevent unification. It became the first and only instance of a wave bomb used against a colony or populated zone.

The political fallout from the Santiago Genocide was immediate and intense, further fueling distrust among the factions, especially when the captain of the wave bombing ship was never found. Starmaps were erased, trade dried up, whole colonies were moved, and fighting even broke out among several factions.

It took 10 years before diplomats and faction leaders were willing to try again, this time through secret negotiations at a small outpost name Coretia on a planet called Architrave. The Coretia Accords of 2346 lasted 6 months and laid the framework for the eventual United Commonwealth.

The Coretia Accords established the structure of the Commonwealth government, rules for faction application, population limits, taxation, trade, and interstellar travel. Among the many proposals were an official drop point map and the requirement for all wave drives to be hard wired to exit wave travel only within a drop point.

After another year and a half of negotiation, the Accords were finally ratified in 2348 and the United Commonwealth was born, with Coretia becoming the official capital. Though not all factions were willing to submit to the rules governing the new union, in the years that followed, the majority of remaining factions applied to and gained admittance into the Commonwealth.

A Call For Lore Suggestions

As I continue to work on the 0.1.0 release, I want to open up the opportunity for the community to contribute to the lore of Junction Gate. This is something I'll be doing from time to time for different aspects of the game. I have a lot of ideas of my own that I can and will put in, but it's always interesting to hear your ideas and it might be a neat way that you can help contribute as well.

For this particular call for lore suggestions, I want to focus on the time between the Burning (2298) and the founding of the Commonwealth (2348). I've laid out a very rough outline of events above, but there is a lot of room for suggestions and additional history that can help shape the Commonwealth of Junction Gate's era. While you should certainly feel free to suggest anything, here are a few ground rules:

  • No aliens. I like them as much as you do, but they won't be a part of the Junction Gate universe.
  • Population limits for each colony are between 500-1000 people. This should have major societal reprecussions.
  • Technology is a hodge-podge of advanced science (like the wave drive) and more primitive tech because of the (now renamed) Alexandria Incident.

And here are some writing prompts of things that might be useful:

  • Who were the 8 founding factions?
  • What factions didn't join the Commonwealth and why?
  • What were other major events that occured before the Commonwealth was founded?
  • Why did some of the factions war against each other?
  • What was early colonial survival like?

Make your suggestions here in the comments, on reddit, on Facebook, or in the Discord chat. You can just do outline form, share a simple idea, or write a full story. While I can't promise I'll use everything, I'll take some of the best suggestions and incorporate them into the game's lore, with modifications or expansion as needed. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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