Junction Gate Dev Update 05

It's a shorter update this week, but there is some progress to report, along with a preview video.

What's New

Work is continuing on exploring the 3D aspect of the hex grid. The video above is testing performance of the hex grid, with placeholder facilities (the spheres). Also being tested is animation, camera angles, fog, and mesh performance.

3D facilities are still a work in progress as we continue to refine our art process. There's nothing ready to show just yet, but keep an eye out for the facilities in a future update.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Here are the choices for the next lore post:

  • Exopolis One
  • The Fate Of The Avant Garde
  • The Phantom Cache Of The Einstein

I'll be releasing a poll on social media next week for you to vote on your pick, or you can comment below.

Check Out Skywanders

When I come across indie games that might be interesting to the community, I'll share them with you. This week is Skywanders, which is similar to Space Engineers, but with a stronger emphasis on programming blocks and exploration.

That's it for this update, have a great week!

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