Junction Gate Private Beta 0.0.2 Released

Another release has gone out to the private beta testing group. Beta 0.0.2 is a minor release with some bugfixes, some balance changes, better browser support, and a new tutorial system. Thanks again to all the testers!

Release Notes

  • New Added tutorial system.
  • New Added contextual help button.
  • New Work has begun on additional responsiveness and browser support.
  • New Added a stronger visual indicator for which hex is selected.
  • New Added basic Firefox support.
  • New Increased responsiveness for smaller screens (still a work in progress).
  • New Added an alert for the station map as a visual clue for what to do on game start.
  • New The bank page now updates the correct amounts for the savings account without reloading.
  • Fixed Fixed ore storage image.
  • Fixed Fixed bug with the settings toggle for full screen.
  • Fixed Fixed unlock bug for Science Division on map.
  • Fixed Fixed a nasty event delegation propagation issue that was causing Essence to repeat multiple times, play/pause toggle to fail, and mute buttons to fail. It may also help with hex selection performance and accuracy on the grid.
  • Updated Changed upgrade path for mechanical engineering. It now requires 1 hydroponics pod and 1 atmospheric bioreactor.
  • Updated The hab complex is now unlocked when population reaches 3 people.

Coming Up This Week

Next week I'll be sharing and requesting feedback about an expanded community update schedule and highlight some upcoming features. Sometime next week will also include another minor release for testers, Beta 0.0.3, with save games and multiple difficulty levels as well as some more bugfixes.

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