Junction Gate Private Beta 0.0.3 Released

Junction Gate Beta 0.0.3 has now been released to the private test group. This is a minor feature release, the major features being multiple difficulty levels, save/load/new games, and enhanced facility management.


  • New Added 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, & Ultimate.
  • New Added save games. The game saves automatically every 2 in-game days and also when you close or refresh your browser.
  • New Added new games. When creating a new game, it will remember your settings from your current game.
  • New Added game seed generation. (Have fun!) You can generate a new seed or type in your own.
  • New Added ability to skip intro when starting a new game.
  • New Added hex clearing mechanic.
  • New Added facility management modals. You can now manage and upgrade all facilities of one type from the facilities screen without going to the map.
  • New Added new messages on splash screen when loading a saved game.
  • New Added stat tracking in the settings modal.
  • Fixed Fixed music playing on splash screen while toggling music button.
  • Fixed Fixed Core Level 02 not unlocking when the first sleeper arrives.
  • Updated Prices have been adjusted for ore, air, and food facilities.
  • Updated Ore production rates have been increased.

Coming Up This Week

I'll be focusing on reworking the blog to share better content in a nicer format as well as planning for the next release.

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