Junction Gate Private Beta 0.0.5 Released

Junction Gate Beta 0.0.5 has now been released to the private test group. My apologies that it's a few days later than I intended, but there were a number of technical difficulties throughout that kept delaying its release: network issues, git issues, bugs, video issues, audio issues.

Beta 0.0.5 is a smaller update that wasn't supposed to exist, but it was released because Beta 0.1.0, the trading release, is taking a while because of an expanded scope. The main features of Beta 0.0.5 is the new 3D background and the revamped intro scene.

One thing to note: earlier preview videos showed some test skyboxes with nebula and/or various colors. Those aren't present in this release, but they will be added back in a future update. The reason why they were pulled is because I want to make sure the game has quality backgrounds and they weren't up to par. With the release already running late, I couldn't take the time to make additional quality skyboxes. The current dark starfield is the only one in the game right now, but in the future, there will be a lot more variety with additional skyboxes and lighting permutations.


  • New 3D skybox using WebGL and Three.js.
  • New 1 star (Mesopatamia) with coronal flare effects.
  • New 1 planet (Nineveh) orbiting Mesopatamia.
  • New 1,000 asteroids of various sizes orbiting Nineveh.
  • New The planet and asteroids all have rotations of their own.
  • New Dynamic camera motions for the background during gameplay.
  • Fixed Improved UI Performance.
  • Fixed Thanks to u/BallC420 on reddit, a bug when deleting facilities was fixed.
  • Updated Revised intro cut scene to integrate the new background.
  • Updated Some minor text updates.
  • Updated Tutorial popups can now be closed directly without having to cycle through the whole set.

Release Videos

Junction Gate Beta 0.0.5 Release Video

Junction Gate Background Progression - Alpha to Beta

A Change In Programming

I recently started a full-time contract and have wound up other side projects. The full-time contract will enable me to provide for my family while continuing to work on Junction Gate without having to constantly look for sidework and deal with multiple projects. However, because my new contract is full-time, I'm going to need to reduce the number of times I provide project development updates so that I can use that time for game development. For the longer dev updates, it can sometimes take hours to write and publish them, so I'm going to space them out and fill in with the smaller updates using the @junctiongate Twitter account.

That said, I'm still planning on spending most evenings and weekends working on Junction Gate. I'm hoping that production won't fall off too much. We'll try official blog updates every two weeks for now and I'll reexamine in the future if I need to push them further apart for the sake of production.

If you're following on Twitter, I'm also going to start retweeting other game developers when they have interesting project updates. There are a lot of cool things I see them tweet, plus networking shouldn't hurt when there is Junction Gate news to share.

Finally, if you're subscribed to the beta group email list, I'm going to hook it up to the blog RSS so that you'll automatically get updates when a new Junction Gate blog post comes out. The main mailing list already has this, but the beta list has more of the community subscribed.

Up Next

Now it's back to working on the Beta 0.1.0 release, starting with additional work on the AI. The AI will be a longer phase because I need it to build up colonies in addition to flying back and forth doing trading.

A special thanks to all of you beta testers! If you're not yet a beta tester and want to be included on the 0.1.0 release, you can sign up for the beta at any time.

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