Junction Gate Private Beta 0.0.6 Released

Junction Gate Beta 0.0.6 has now been released to the private test group. This is a small quality of life release that features gameplay balance adjustments, fixes some bugs, and adds a few small changes to the UI to make the game more user-friendly.


  • New Additional skyboxes have been added. There are now 25 different possible background combinations.
  • New Achievement notifications can now be turned off in the settings.
  • New The first tutorial popup now has an option to turn off tutorials. They can also be disabled in the settings.
  • New Animations and hover effects have been added to table views.
  • Fixed Double clicking buttons in the intro spawned multiple UI elements.
  • Fixed Asteroids were sometimes missing during the intro.
  • Fixed Background animation not starting in some instances.
  • Fixed Timing of thruster noises in intro.
  • Fixed A link to the trading screen has been removed as it's not quite ready.
  • Fixed Padding on the airlock eject screen text in the intro. This screen is now more responsive as well.
  • Fixed Added missing translation string.
  • Updated Costs have been moved above the fold in the facility build modals.
  • Updated Adjusted production values and costs for gameplay balance.


Table Highlights
Costs Above The Fold
Tutorials Toggle

Bug Bounty

Unfortunately, one of the latest versions of Chrome introduced a new bug into the game with the perspective of the facilities when placed on the hex grid. Firefox still displays the facilities correctly. You can see the bug in the screenshot below:

I wasn't able to find a fix for the perspective in time for this release, but obviously this bug isn't something that can be ignored as it detracts from the visuals and gameplay. With that in mind, if anyone finds a CSS fix for the perspective in Chrome, I'll add your name to the game in the character generator and allow you to pick the name of a faction in the game (as long as it fits within the lore).

Meanwhile, I'll keep looking for a solution as well. If there isn't a quick CSS fix for it, the bug might persist for a few releases while I work out a longer term solution, but it's something that will be addressed before the game exits beta.

Up Next

Now that some needed balance issues and bug fixes have been addressed, it's back to work on the 0.1.0 Trading release. I'll see you on the next development update!

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