New Junction Gate Website Launched

Junction Gate has a new website!

The new site is designed to more easily share content with the community in the future. From now on, updates will be posted on the blog and all of the social media sites will be updated with links coming back here.

One of the issues in the past has been that both the game and the website have been combined in the same codebase. This is no longer the case. The website, the alpha version of the game, and the beta have all been separated into their own code repositories, which means that it will be easier to update each of them independently. Having the beta in its own repository will also make porting to other platforms in the future an easier task. So, while this took away a little development time on the game temporarily, it was more than necessary to do at some point.

Because the website is now the default landing page, both the alpha and beta versions of the game have been moved. The alpha is now located at If you are a private tester for the beta, you'll soon be getting an email with the new URL for the beta as well.

For those of you interested in technical details, the website is hosted on GitHub Pages. It is completely HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, meaning there is no database of any kind. It's mobile-friendly and built with a custom framework that I had created several years ago, VM UI Framework. Comments are done using disqus.

This is the first iteration of the website and content will continue to expand in the future, but there is already some new information for you to check out.

Open Development

A major emphasis as we move forward is going to be open development and as much transparency into the marketing and creation of the game as possible. Other than the blog, there are several sections of the new website that will help contribute to that openness.

  • Junction Gate Roadmap - The roadmap will give you an idea of what has been completed, what is being worked on, and what is still to come. It's high-level, so it won't include every minute detail, but you'll get a sense for the scope of Junction Gate.
  • Alpha vs. Beta Feature Comparison - The feature comparison is a more detailed look at how the beta is progressing against the alpha and it will also let you see some of the features that will make the beta a major improvement.
  • Beta Preview - If you just want to focus on the news for the beta, the beta preview page is the place to do it.
  • Image Gallery - As the game continues to be developed, there will be more screenshots and previews to share.
  • Videos - There will be additional teasers and trailers as well. I will also be experimenting with other types of video content, but we'll have to see how that goes first before I make any promises.

Beta Tester Group Made Permanent

I've decided to continue accepting new testers for the beta tester group on a permanent basis. From now on, if you want to have early access to the beta, just signup for the beta test mailing list on the Beta Preview page and you'll gain access to the beta the next time there is a release.

Updated Alpha Gameplay Tutorial

I've updated and expanded the instructions for how to play Junction Gate. It's not 100% comprehensive, but it should answer almost any question you might have about the alpha version. The beta has inline help, so if you're playing the beta, I encourage you to use that.

Back To Development

Now that the initial update to the website has been completed and the codebases have been separated, it's time to get back to developing the game. The next release will be 0.1.0 and will focus on trading mechanics.

Until next week, have fun exploring the new site and let me know what you think or if you run into any issues.

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