Alpha vs. Beta Feature Comparison

Key: Planned In Progress Implemented Not Planned
Feature Alpha Beta
Key: Planned In Progress Implemented Not Planned
Station Facilities & Construction
Build New Facilities
Facility Variations
Upgrade Facilities
Destroy Facilities
Place Facilities on Hex Grid
Facility Unlock Tree
Station Management
Assign Workers
Station Commanders
Set Station Policies
Technology Tree
Funding, Worker, & Resource Management
Individual Technology Worker Assignment
Component Crafting
Station Inventory
Stock Market & Financial Services
Station Savings Accounts
Corporate Savings Accounts
Station Loans
Corporate Loans
Stock Market
Financial News
Industry Analysis
Create & Manage Corporations
Financial Portfolio
Trade Center
Trade Routes
Bartering System
Trade on Faction Planets
Universal Resource Price Index
Ship Building
Research Ship Types
Customize Blueprints
Upgrade & Customize Ships with Components
Buy & Sell Ships
Discover New Locations
Planet Resource Mining
Fuel Management
Planetary Systems
Computer Factions
Contact Factions
Establish Trade Pacts
Establish Alliances
Declare war
Broker Peace Treaties
Receive Faction Missions
Factions Interact with Each Other
Automated Combat Mode
Strategic Combat Mode
Fleet Management
Factions Attack Junction Gate
Station Defenses
Station Troop Combat
Story & Lore
Intro Cutscene
Facility Descriptions
Component Descriptions
Research Descriptions
Faction Backgrounds
Faction Leader Backgrounds
Planet Descriptions
Dialogue System
Station Log
Random Events
Station Command Personalities
End Game Scenarios
Casino Mini Games
General Features & Settings
Procedurally Generated Games
Game Seed
Difficulty Levels
Start Point Selection
Save Games
Multi-Language Support
Localized Time and Currency Display
Alternate UI Themes
Fully Responsive UI
Volume Controls
Stat Collection
Keyboard Support
Mappable Hotkeys
Inline Tutorials
Full-screen Support


The alpha and the beta versions of Junction Gate have different sets of features. This page will explain why and highlight the differences between the two versions.

The alpha was developed quickly as a prototype to test various gameplay and UI elements. It was released to over 60,000 testers and their feedback both improved the alpha and provided the basis for the future beta.

Because the alpha was only meant to be a prototype, when the beta began, development on the alpha stopped. This means that the alpha, even though it has dozens of hours of gameplay, is incomplete and does contain some known bugs, especially towards the end of longer games.

The beta is currently under development and will address many of the shortcomings of the alpha, add more features, and become the foundation for future ports to other platforms. It is being tested with a private group of testers and will be released for a public beta test once it is further along in development.

Notice: Because Junction Gate is under development, this feature set is subject to change. It will be updated periodically, but may not always reflect the current status of the game.