Junction Gate Alpha 0.9.0 Released


Happy Thanksgiving! Because there have been quite a few players encountering the same bugs in the alpha, I decided to fix the most common issues. This update addresses a number of outstanding late-game bugs that caused the game data to become corrupted, requiring a reset. While no new features were added and work on the beta continues, you should hopefully now be able to play the alpha version of Junction Gate for much longer without encountering a game-breaking bug. This alpha release is public and available to all players.

Because the update fixes some data issues, it forces game resets. Please refresh your browser and clear your cache until you see 0.9.0 on your loading screen.


  • New - Added additional animation for background.
  • New - Removed ads and collapsed ad section to provide more room.
  • New - Added text to explain how to open the science tab.
  • Fixed - Fixed game running out of ship names that caused a crash and required a game reset.
  • Fixed - Fixed trade routes not deducting resources from the player.
  • Fixed - Made modals more responsive for smaller screen sizes so that buttons no longer appear off-screen. You should no longer need to adjust your font-size to take certain actions.
  • Fixed - Fixed station defenses not working in combat.
  • Fixed - Fixed auto-combat bug.

Up Next

Beta development has been a little slow the last few weeks as I've continued to work my way through fixing the hex grid. The next blog update will show some progress on that account.

Additionally, I've begun looking into lawyers to create contracts for potential sub-contractors. This isn't a sure thing yet and may be delayed until after the Kickstarter phase of development, but I'm seeking 3D artists to start with. If you are or know of a 3D artist looking for a paid contract, please contact me or put them in touch. Right now, I'm specifically looking for someone who could create the station facilities and crafting items with simple looped animations for export into WebGL.

Have a great holiday weekend, stay safe, and enjoy the new update to the alpha!

Junction Gate