Junction Gate Development Update - April 2019


This is a quick development update in blog post form only. April was an abbreviated month for development for both Junction Gate and Junction Gate Legacy due to travel. Because of that and also because of the nature of the work for both games, this month's content will be rolled in to next month's development video.

For Junction Gate, the 3D version, we've been testing some systems to see if they are viable. Depending on the outcome of the tests, it will change how the game is developed and some of the gameplay. I don't want to say too much more until we know for sure and have something to show, but I'm very hopeful that things will work out the way we want.

With Junction Gate Legacy, I've continued work on the economy, laying the foundation for the corporate management gameplay, determining the data structures for the corporations, and mocking out the UI. There isn't enough to show off in video just yet, but I've included a few screenshots below.

Junction Gate Legacy Incorporation

As you can see, I've reworked the incorporation modal and also decided to make the modals almost full-screen. This size change will be propagated to every modal window in-game, but I'll need to rework some of the existing screens as a result. This will allow both more breathing room and more information to be displayed at once, which should hopefully make for better UIs.

Junction Gate Legacy Manage Corporation Overview 1

Junction Gate Legacy Manage Corporation Overview 2

The corporate management is being refactored to be much more like a real company. I'll go over the gameplay in next month's video, but you'll have a lot more to do and hopefully it will be easier to use and understand over Junction Gate Alpha's corporation management.

This next month will see continued work on testing approaches for Junction Gate and more economy work for Junction Gate Legacy. See you then!

Junction Gate