New Website Launch


The Junction Gate website has been redesigned and is now live.

With the announcement of 3 games in the Junction Gate universe last fall, the website has been overdue for a redesign. The structure of the old website didn't make as much sense anymore and we wanted to have specific areas to show off each game. So we took a quick break from working on the game to focus on the website.

In addition to the new design, everything has been overhauled. Here are a few of the new features:

  • The blog has been re-integrated into the website. The tumblr version will remain up for archive purposes for now, but will no longer be updated. Eventually it will be retired.
  • Each game now has a dedicated section. Junction Gate Parallax will be added once it resumes development after Legacy's release.
  • There is now a dedicated interactive lore section: The Commonwealth. Be sure to checkout the timeline, there's a lot to see once you click on each date.
  • The Community page gives an overview of how often each social media platform is updated.
  • There is a new privacy policy.
  • Some admin tools have been created to create content more easily. Going forward, updates will be delivered via blog posts (including videos).

There are still some rough edges, with more features and polish to come in the comming months. The mobile experience will be improved and we'll add a few more small features.

Let us know what you think of the new site or if you have any issues. Discord has a dedicated channel for the website or you can reach out through any of our other platforms.

Now it's back to working on the games. Stay tuned for February's upcoming development update.

Junction Gate