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Survival Is Only The Beginning

Stranded alone on Junction Gate, you must find a way to survive before your limited resources run out. The malfunctioning colony lander might be able to save you, but it also harbors a dangerous secret that caused the destruction of Earth over 200 years ago and could once again tear humanity apart.

Junction Gate Legacy Colonists

Save The Colonists

The colony lander malfunctioned. The original colonists are frozen in cryogenic suspension, but are still alive. Build out the infrastructure to support them, then rescue them and wake them up.

Junction Gate Legacy Economy

Invest. Trade. Exploit.

The Commonwealth Stock Market is open for trading, but buying stocks isn't the only way to build wealth. Start a company, form trade relationships, haul cargo, and manipulate stocks via corporate espionage and trade blockades.

Junction Gate Legacy Exploration

Explore The Commonwealth

Build ships to explore the Commonwealth. Discover new worlds, find new factions, and interact with over 300 colonies. Uninhabited worlds offer riches to exploit from mining and hydrogen scooping.

Junction Gate Legacy Espionage

Spycraft Is Diplomacy

A favor here, a bribe there. Espionage, blackmail, even assassination are all tools in your diplomatic toolbox. Use them to elevate your allies, bring down your enemies, and make a fortune. Beware of the consequences of getting caught.

Junction Gate Legacy Scout Ship

Strategic Military Deployment

Use your fleet of ships to protect Junction Gate from pirates and enemy factions or dispatch them to other worlds to form blockades, capture colonies, and bend the other factions to your will.

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