About Junction Gate

Junction Gate is a single-player procedurally-generated sci-fi game. Its features include a branching storyline, progressive unlocks, a full stock market, technology research, exploration, diplomacy, combat, casino-style minigames, and more. The game is currently in beta, which means it's still under development and you might encounter bugs.

The story takes place several hundred years in the future after Earth has been destroyed in a catostrophic event called The Burning. As you progress in the game, you'll discover how Earth's troubled past created the universe of Junction Gate and how it will influence your character's destiny.


Junction Gate is created by a small Vancouver-based company, Virtuosi Media Inc., and has been in development since late August 2014. The first playable alpha version went public in September 2014, released on the web to get player feedback early on. Since then, the game has had over a dozen updates which can be viewed on the Junction Gate blog.

With the exception of the audio, everything in the game has been created by one person, Benjamin Kuker. Junction Gate is developed with a custom JavaScript framework, built from the ground up with no external dependencies. It's hosted on GitHub, doesn't use a database, and stores all game data in localStorage when the browser tab closes.

Once the web version of Junction Gate has progressed far enough, it will be ported to other platforms. The web version will remain free and online, but platform versions of the game will be paid and have additional features and content added in. No timetable can be given for specific platforms yet, but keep an eye out on the blog and Junction Gate's social media accounts for updates.


If you want to report a bug or provide feedback, please reach out on any of the official Junction Gate social media accounts. Other inquiries can be made to contact@virtuosimedia.com.